The Benefits of the Barefoot Running Shoe

Far back in the annals of history runners did so without the benefit of shoes, in fact the best runners saw wearing shoes as a distinct disadvantage. The reality is that the human foot was never designed to be encased in a shoe and certainly not to run in a shoe that has an elevated heel that forces the foot out of its normal shape. Running shoes can actually lead to serious injuries and permanent damage. Even if the idea of running barefoot does not appeal, the Barefoot Running Shoe is the next best thing and achieves the same results.


Barefoot Running Is Gaining Popularity

The growing trend of people after read online review first from is choosing to run barefoot led shoe manufacturers to come up with a solution that adapted the concept of running barefoot with the protection offered by a shoe. The result was the barefoot running shoe, of which there are now several different manufacturers making a five finger shoe. One of the major benefits of running barefoot or in a barefoot running shoe is that because you are allowing your feet to operate in a more normal position, they will become much healthier and stronger over time.


When you run in the average running shoe with an elevated heel, your heel is always the first part of your foot to hit the ground. This not only jars your joints but place a very unbalanced distribution of your weight on your legs causing loss of balance and the risk of injury. If you run barefoot or in a pair of barefoot running shoes, your feet tend to land more flatly, keeping everything in alignment and evenly distributed.

The heels in the average running shoe are considered to be the direct cause of many injuries to the legs, including sprains, muscle injuries and damage to the knees. By running barefoot, you will be able to properly develop the muscles in your legs such as your hamstrings, your calves and so forth. This also believe it or not helps to regulate your body temperature as well as help you to maintain a much better posture while you are running.


Not All Surfaces Are Right for Barefoot Running

One thing to keep in mind is that depending on where you plan to go running, the surface may not be conducive to running barefoot. In conditions like this the barefoot running shoe offer the protection your feet need and yet does not take away the benefits associated with running without shoes. Many prefer the type of barefoot running shoe that has five fingers or in this case toes. These shoes allow each toe to function independently rather than being trapped all together inside of shoe.


Barefoot running shoes are available for men and women; they are ideal for walking in as well and while they might take a little getting used to are far healthier for your feet. Rather than a fad that is likely to pass, the idea of running bare foot is catching on and is likely to continue to grow as more runners discover the benefits associated with it.