Top Condiments That Do Your Diet Proud

If you’re looking to make some improvements in your nutrition plan to increase the quality of your diet while also boosting your fat loss progress, it’s important that you look beyond just the foods you’re eating and also take into account how you’re preparing these foods.


One of the biggest issues that some people will run into as they plan and prepare their diet is that they eat healthy foods, but then use high calorie preparation methods that throw off the nutritional benefits that the meals have to offer.


Condiments especially can really add up if you’re not careful, so it’s wise to spend some time thinking about which condiments you’re using and whether they are in fact the most ideal options for helping you reach your nutrition goals.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the best condiment options for you to consider and make sure you’re using in your diet plan.


Natural Peanut Butter

The first great condiment option to consider is natural peanut butter. You’ll want to make sure that you are eating just the natural peanut butter variety as commercial variations of peanut butter often come with added sugar that you don’t want in your diet plan.


Natural peanut butter is not only a terrific source of healthy fats, but it’ll also provide you with some lean protein as well, helping you reach your daily totals.


Natural peanut butter is a light higher in terms of overall calorie count however, so just be sure that you are moderating your serving size so you don’t go overboard and over-consume calories as a result of it. Most people will do best having about one tablespoon per meal, which supplies around 80 calories.



Next salsa is the next condiment that you’ll want to make good use of in your diet. Salsa is great because it’s incredibly low in calories, fat free, and packs in a strong antioxidant punch as well from all the tomatoes and diced vegetables found in it.


Salsa works great on top of most main protein sources or can be used as a vegetable dip when combined with some fat free Greek yogurt or cottage cheese as well.


It’s a very fast and easy way to add more flavor to any of the dishes that you’re preparing.


Balsamic Vinegar

Moving along, don’t forget about balsamic vinegar. This vinegar variation has a unique flavor that works well with many main course dishes, as well as salads, so the opportunities are quite plentiful with this one.


Consider combining it with a few other ingredients to make a marinade or dressing that will liven up any dish in a hurry.


It’s practically calorie free, so you can add it to your diet as you wish.


Natural Almond Butter

Along with natural peanut butter, another great nut butter that you’ll want to be sure you’re making use of is natural almond butter.


Natural almond butter is also a great source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and will provide you with a similar amount of protein that peanut butter will as well.


Since some people are allergic to peanuts so that rules out that option, almond butter stands as an excellent substitution.


Almond butter also has a milder flavor to it, so it’ll work great with a wide variety of different dishes, not just with the ones that you’d typically use peanut butter with.


Fat Free Cream Cheese

If you’re a fan of English muffins, bagels, or regular whole grain toast, opting for fat free cream cheese can be a good solution if you just can’t give this spread up.


Regular cream cheese isn’t the best of options on your diet plan as it does tend to be quite high in saturated fat and calories, so it’ll add up quickly and could increase your risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.


The fat free variety however is actually mostly protein content, so is a much smarter option.


Plus, it’ll only contain around 20 calories per tablespoon, so you can add quite a bit of it without worry.


Fat free cream cheese also works terrific in many of your baking recipes such as when preparing reduced fat varieties of cheesecake that do contain more protein overall.


Mashed Avocado

One condiment that most people don’t ever think about preparing is mashed avocado. Avocado itself is a very soft fruit, so it’s easy to mash up and smear over bagels, sandwiches, or pitas for a quick change of pace and to help get your healthy fats in.


Avocado is great because it’ll provide the good source of healthy fats that you’re looking for and will also pack in some dietary fiber along with a strong dose of vitamin E as well.


It offers a very creamy taste, and will give a similar texture as butter, so works well for anyone looking for a butter replacement.



Finally, the last condiment to start including in your diet more regularly if you’re looking to liven up your meals without adding many calories is mustard. Mustard is pretty much calorie free as well and while it won’t offer much in the way of nutrition, it does definitely add more taste to a dish when needed.


You can opt for honey mustard varieties if you’re going for something sweeter, but be aware that these will contain extra sugar that you’ll need to account for.


Your best off going for Dijon mustard or regular varieties whenever possible.


So there you have the top condiments that work great on any fat loss diet plan. Make sure that you integrate those that do contain calories into your overall calorie intake so that they don’t put you over budget and you can easily have them with whatever meal you’re serving up without worry that they’ll cause you to sacrifice the results that you see from your weight loss efforts.