Six Breakfast Ideas for Healthy Living

Fruit Smoothie

You’ve heard it over and over again-breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But do you know why? Well, the name says it all. You’re breaking the fast of not eating overnight while you were asleep, and doing this in a healthy and nutritious way is vital to good health. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and sets the tone for how hungry you will be the rest of the day. Choosing a healthy breakfast each day is essential in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Here are six great options to try:

1. Fruit Smoothie

Fruit is one of the best breakfasts you can choose in the morning, and a smoothie is a light and very healthy way to start your day. Stick some of your favorite fruit into the freezer over night, and blend up a juicy smoothie to drink in the morning. You can use bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, add some yogurt, fruit juice and ice. Simple, delicious, and healthy!

2. Oatmeal

This is a great breakfast because it will keep you full throughout the morning and into lunchtime. This heart healthy option is best made yourself with rolled or steel cut oats—skip on the name brand packets that are loaded with sugar. Full of nutrients and fiber, oatmeal will give you healthy energy to power through the day.

3. Eggs

The health benefits of eggs are endless! To get all of their healthy, nutrient rich power, use only the whites of the eggs and cook them any way you wish. Taking the time to hard boil a couple of eggs a few times a week can provide you with a quick and easy breakfast or snack to take with you on the go.

4. Peanut Butter

Choosing natural peanut (or any kind of nut) butter is an awesome way to start your day with one of the most healthy and essential nutrients for your body; protein. You can add this filling and healthy spread to a slice of whole grain toast, you’re smoothie, or a piece of fruit like an apple.

5. Greek Yogurt

Including low fat dairy into your morning is a healthy part of a balanced diet. Choose greek yogurt over traditional yogurt for a heartier and more filling option. This breakfast is also packed with healthy protein that is sure to make your body feel good, and keep those hunger pangs away until lunch.


You can add this crunchy and fiber filled food to any of your favorite breakfasts for a healthy and yummy twist. Fill a bowl with granola and skim milk instead of a sugary cereal to break your fast in a nutritious and delicious way. Or, you can add it to yogurt, eat it like a snack, or make your own breakfast bars!

These are six of the best items to include in a balanced breakfast that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you always make time to get something in your stomach at the start of your day to keep your body happy and healthy.